Burlington Basement Renovations

The basement has a lot of potential to be custom renovated in any way that you the customer may like. Basement renovations can be done for many reasons. These include for finishing the basement, or even for creating an open room design. Finishing a basement usually involves adding drywall on top of concrete walls, and many times adding tiles on top of the unfinished concrete floor. Open room design in a basement is often when the basement has only large room with no walls in the middle. Basement renovations can also be undertaken to make a living space in the basement. A living space in the basement is usually creating an entire home in the basement, which would include kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and other rooms. They will usually involve:

  • Dry walling
  • Flooring
  • Painting
  • Tiling
  • Framing

At Turco we have a large amount of experience in basement renovations in Burlington, Milton, Oakville and surrounding areas. We can provide many different types of basement renovations, from finishing a basement, to creating a living space in your basement. Our team of licensed professional contractors always works hard to finish your basement renovations within a certain set time frame. Our company also has lower prices than most of our competition in southern Ontario, so that we will finish your basement renovations project well within your budget. Our professional contractors can do any job required for you, from dry walling, to flooring, so that after the basement renovations you are overjoyed with your new basement. We can help you and your family enjoys a basement that will be much more than just a basement, it will be a comfortable living space. For superior Burlington basement renovations, call Turco today, to see how we can help give you the basement that you have always wanted.

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